Experience: Horses have been an enormous part of Mandy’s life, with over 30 years’ experience. Her hobby has evolved into a full time passion for the horse and sharing her knowledge with other horse owners.

Education:  Mandy completed her Equine Coaching Certificate to enable her to conduct private lessons, which expanded to teaching Horsemanship Clinics. She is a firm believer that “if you own a horse you are a trainer”,  and we owe it to our horses to be a good leader and teach them how to interact with their human partners. Believing it is not how tall or strong you are rather how you go about working with these majestic animals. Mandy is only 4’11” tall however in the horse’s eyes she is a giant compassionate leader moving their feet with the greatest of ease.

Building Confidence:  Mandy is extremely passionate about helping women regain confidence lost due to aging or a negative experience. Through her Foundation Horsemanship Clinics, she teaches, or as she says, gives horse owners the tools to train their own horse using the “move your feet” approach and philosophy.

It was once said “Frustration begins where Knowledge Ceases”… Mandy has found people become frustrated when their communication with their horse breaks down. Mandy empowers horse owners to feel more confident interacting with their horse, by providing the tools and knowledge to enable them to work with their horse, i.e. in the form of ground control and ridden exercises.

Dressage for the Western Horse:  Mandy has a keen interest in utilizing dressage training with the western horse.  She has studied Cowboy Dressage, even traveling to America in April 2016 Mandy and her husband Steve attended a School of Horsemanship in America with Eitan Beth Halachmy the founder of Cowboy Dressage. Mandy loves the discipline and training behind the dressage but is a true Cowgirl enjoying her western saddle and fully embraces the’ Cowgirl Way of Life”


  • Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation SIS30410
  • Certificate III in Sport Coaching Equestrian SIS30710
  • Cowboy Dressage Professional (Ambassador)
  • Blue Card & Senior First Aid