What can I expect at a Foundation Horsemanship Clinic?

    Desensitizing Exercises
    Yielding Hindquarters
    Yielding Forequarters
    Flexing Exercises
    Stress free float loading
    Problem Solving

    Flexing Exercises Under Saddle
    Yielding Hindquarters Under Saddle
    Emergency Handbrake (one rein stop)
    Yielding to a Stop
    Bending and Suppling Exercises
    Backing Under Saddle
    Stop with Two Reins



Expect to receive a TON of information and it may seem a little overwhelming at times. It’s a good idea to bring a small pocket notebook and write things down that are meaningful to you. That way you’ll have something to refer back to after the clinic is over.

DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THE CLINIC! This is your experience and Mandy is there to make Sure you have a good time, stay safe and learn something. From Mandy’s point of view, she is there for you—not the other way around. It’s not about egos or impressing people, it’s about you and your horse and making what progress you can while you have a good time.

Don’t worry about your stamina or ability level—be it high or low. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace. If you get tired, feel free to sit out a session. If there is an exercise you are uncomfortable with, it’s perfectly fine to skip it. You will be riding with all sorts of riders— beginner and expert. You’ll see once you are there that no matter what your level, you’ll advance your skills and knowledge. Be open minded and ready to learn and prepared to ask questions!


We will begin at 8AM on the first day. It is important that everyone who is riding is present at this time. There is a lot of information and demonstrations that need to happen with all riders at once just bring yourself to the meeting area. Steve will be there with a smile to collect your paperwork from you and hand you your name tag, receipts and the clinic notes.


You’ll enjoy watching all the horses and riders and take away invaluable information. Expect to participate fully in all discussions and to ask questions about the clinic or about what is going on at home with your horse, you’ll meet some new friends.  Fence sitters fee $30 per person per day.  Fence sitters are also required to fill out a booking form.


Facilities available, so please help yourself.


Please have all fees paid prior to clinic day, Rider Disclaimer and Horse Health Record forms can be handed to Steve on the morning of the clinic.  Please contact the person indicated as “contact” or Mandy if you have any questions.
Please note: waiting list is available.
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