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My Testimonial

My horses’ health is extremely important to me, I believe firmly in making sure my horses receive the feed and supplements they need to maintain optimum health. They are my working partners and friends, travelling around with me constantly on show as demonstration horses for my clinics, they need to perform well and look good.

So what do I look for when searching for a supplement for my horses? Quality of the supplement, cost per serve and ease of use? Having 6 horses and a busy schedule I do not want to spend hours in the feed shed feeding a multitude of different minerals.

I came across the Kohnkes Own supplements when I subscribed to the FeedXL online nutrition programme. When preparing my horses’ diets the Kohnkes Own products had supplements that provided all my horses’ different requirements.

I have been feeding Kohnkes Own products now for a few years and my horses have never looked better, with people constantly commenting on the shine on their coats, and asking what do I feed them.

The easy to use pelleted formulas are great! The horses happily eat their feed with no gluggy powder lumps left in their feed bins. Another benefit of the pelleted formulas is if you do not need to feed a hard feed they will happily eat the pellets straight out of your hand.

I had the pleasure recently of attending a Kohnkes Own Horse Health Seminar hosted by Horseland Mackay where Dr. John Kohnke was the speaker.

Dr. John Kohnke is a leading voice for horse heath care, management and nutrition and has been for almost 40 years, when you listen to the man talk you really know why, he is like a walking horse encyclopaedia! I like the idea of a man who knows horses and their needs preparing formulas for my horses.

I am happy to support and recommend the Kohnke’s Own product range. If you are looking for a high quality supplement, whatever your horse’s specific needs may be, consider Kohnke’s Own supplements.

Happy Riding!    ~ Mandy Probyn

My Visit to Kohnke’s Own

This week I flew to Sydney for a few days to meet the Kohne’s Own Team. I am honoured to be supported by such great people and quality nutritional products.

It was my first time in Sydney and my new friend Philippa one of the Kohnke team kindly treated me to coffee in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the opera house, as night fell the
view was spectacular, what a treat for this country girl.

Tuesday I met the rest of the Kohnke team and was privileged to spend the day with Dr John Kohnke BVSc. RDA touring his factory and familiarising myself with the Kohnke product range, I felt my head would explode with all my new found knowledge by the end of the day; I am looking forward to sharing it with you all. The Kohnke team are just as passionate about horse nutrition as I am about helping people build their relationship with their horses. The science behind their products and manufacturing process is A1, I will never again attempt to mix my own formulas.. So much research has gone before the manufacturing process of the Knohnke’s products.


I encourage you to take a look at their website browse their extensive product range. Like their Facebook page  where you will find interesting articles, informative handy hints and horse care updates. John Kohnke Products offers a free ration analysis of your horse’s diet using Feed XL, the world’s most advanced ration analysis program. They can also provide free nutritional advice on feeding your horses. I will have some of the Kohnke products available at my horsemanship clinics and Cowboy Dressage days. If I am coming to your area and there is a product you require contact me as I am happy to bring it with me. Soon I will have a page on my website dedicated to my sponsorship with Kohnke products. I will be using solely their product range on my clinic horses, trying new products and posting results for all to see. So once again head over to the Kohnke page and and have a browse.

Thank you to the Knohnke family for spoiling me for a few days while in Sydney.
Happy riding  ~Mandy

Kohnke’s Own® Mag-Eproduct

Highly recommend Kohnke’s Own® Mag-Eproduct tried this on my mare this week a very nervous traveller she will sweat to the point the trailer is flooded. She had a few prior days of loading dose and there was a huge improvement trailer was dry. She missed out on her dose the next day and when it came time to load her up she started her nervous anxiety sweat, we will now make sure she receives a lunch time dose so it is in her system prior to travelling home.

Happy Riding!  ~ Mandy