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Meraki Equine Services


I know each horse is an individual, with their own quirks and horseanalities.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution when your equine friend is injured, in pain or generally feeling down.  That's why I work with you to treat muscular tenderness & stiffness, assist with promoting healing and general wellbeing.  Having trained with Dr Jess from Holistic Equine, and under her continued tutelage, I offer SCENAR Therapy for you, your equine and other four-legged fur-babies.  I can also offer Equissage therapy and will soon be offering kinesiology. I believe a combination of modalities can work wonders, and can work out a co-treatment plan in combination with a well respected equine chiropractor and bowen therapist to treat your four-legged family members.

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I have three horses of my own:


•  Miss Cinnamon Mist (paint mare) keeps me on my toes at times, but don't listen to her resting b-face, she's quite a sweetheart underneath the exterior.  Always aims to please, especially if there is food involved.


•  Boharn Suzie (aka Xena, 50% Gypsy Cob x 50% Clydie mare) - she is such a sweetheart, easy-going yet very aware of her surroundings.  She has chosen my partner Phillip as her guiding light; and


• Boharn Iridium Buddmeister, the man of the herd (75% Gypsy Cob x 25% Clydie gelding) - can't get much more chilled than this lil big dude. 


I Can't wait to see where our story takes us.

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