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Train at the Ranch
(by appointment only)

Cloudy Mountain Ranch
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"As I get older I find myself caring more about how relaxed my horse is when working with me than so called respect.


If your horse is comfortable around and working with you then the respect that so many people seek comes easy.


Horses naturally follow a good leader, one that is fair, builds their confidence, looks after their body and trains with empathy.


Once relaxation is achieved the real training can begin".


Mandy Probyn

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Cloudy Mountain Ranch sitting high above the surrounding plains in the Eungella National Park, is a mist-shrouded and forest-clad mountain refuge. The opportunity to train at the ranch with Mandy is both an exciting adventure and an escape to tranquillity.

Cloudy Mountain Ranch
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Mandy considers groundwork basics the foundation building blocks needed to train a horse for any discipline properly. The better your horse is at the Groundwork exercises, the better he will be under saddle. 

Groundwork training Equine connection
Groundwork training Equine connection
Groundwork training Equine connection

The importance of groundwork cannot be emphasised enough; the horse will learn coping skills and balance, which sets them up for success in their ridden career. Mandy uses a combination of Positive and Negative reward-based training when teaching her horses.

Groundwork training Equine connection
Groundwork training Equine connection
Groundwork training Equine connection

Training at the Ranch with Mandy is not just for the seasoned rider, her 35 plus years of knowledge is evident in putting you at ease no matter your skill level.

Groundwork Training 7
Groundwork Training 8
Groundwork Training 9
Groundwork Training 10
Groundwork Training 11
Groundwork Training 12

"As a person who hasn't had any prior experience being around horses, I was a little nervous to be around a horse let alone try and lead one! Mandy taught me the basic groundwork on how to lead with confidence, building trust between me and the horse & within the hour I was up on the saddle riding around the arena. I can't recommend a Train with Mandy session enough to anyone who is wanting to invest in a horse or someone who wants to strengthen their existing skills".


Mariah Lee 

Ruben 1
Ruben 2
Ruben 3

If you are interested in Training at the Ranch with Mandy enquire now and Mandy will get back to you with available dates.

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