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Train With Mandy

The Train with Mandy Programme is an online video coaching programme consisting of videos on various training topics. How it works is you will receive a video along with an instructional pdf on a task you then record yourself, duplicating each task and submitting your video. Mandy will respond with feedback, and you will either pass or be asked to try again and re-submit. There is no time limit on how long you take to complete the course; you work at your own pace according to your particular time constraints. After completing the course, a reward will be headed your way, as well as you own a more responsive and willing partner. The course is also a great introduction to Mandy's lessons at her live clinics.

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Mandy and her associates will not assume any liability for your activities. These online course videos provide general information that may not be suitable
for everyone.

Start Here: Our Skill Assessment Stages build upon one another. Please begin with Stage One.

Course 1:
Please note: 1 Horse and Handler to be assessed
Horsemanship Groundwork the Basics
(Tasks can be performed on any age horse)


Mandy considers these groundwork basics the foundation building blocks needed to train a horse for any discipline properly. The better your horse is at the Groundwork exercises, the better he will be under saddle. The importance of groundwork cannot be emphasised enough; the horse will learn coping skills and balance, which sets them up for success in their ridden career. Mandy uses a combination of Positive and Negative reward-based training when teaching her horses. You have the option of teaching your horse Positive reward training along with Mandy, or you can just simply
opt-out of the first exercise.

  • Course 1 Exercise 1:  Charge to a Bridging Signal using a marker (Optional)

  • Course 1 Exercise 2:  Polite Haltering the head down cue.

  • Course 1 Exercise 3:  Eyes towards

  • Course 1 Exercise 4:  Backing from a distance

  • Course 1 Exercise 5:  Eyes away 

  • Course 1 Exercise 6:  Circle around and eyes towards to stop

  • Course 1 Exercise 7:  Yield your nose

  • Course 1 Exercise 8:  Picking up Feet to a tap

  • Course 1 Exercise 9:  Squeeze game

  • Course 1 Exercise 10: Stick driving

  • Course 1 Exercise 11: Circle and bring shoulders through to change direction

  • Course 1 Exercise 12: Leading beside

  • Course 1 Exercise 13: Circle around walk, trot, and canter

  • Course 1 Exercise 14: Yielding, hind, shoulder, nose to pressure

  • Course 1 Exercise 15: Side Passing

  • Course 1 Exercise 16: Follow me leading behind

  • Course 1 Exercise 17: Easy worming


Reward Equine Connection Cap

Course 2:
Please note: 1 Horse and Handler to be assessed
(Prerequisite to Liberty is to have completed course 1)


Exercises with rope in belt and neck rope. Tasks can be performed on any age horse

  • Course 2 Exercise 1:   Eyes towards

  • Course 2 Exercise 2:   Eyes away

  • Course 2 Exercise 3:   Circle around and eyes towards to stop

  • Course 2 Exercise 4:   Squeeze game

  • Course 2 Exercise 5:   Circle and bring shoulders through to change direction

  • Course 2 Exercise 6:   Leading beside through cones

  • Course 2 Exercise 7:   Circle around walk, trot, and canter

  • Course 2 Exercise 8:   Side Passing

  • Course 2 Exercise 9:   Follow me leading behind

  • Course 2 Exercise 10: Whoa Cue from a distance, stopping with the stick in the air

  • Course 2 Exercise 11: Backing beside

  • Course 2 Exercise 12: Changing Directions figure 8

  • Course 2 Exercise 13: Teaching a trick hug

  • Course 2 Exercise 14: On your mat, stay cue

  • Course 2 Exercise 15: Putting it all together in a pattern novice ILHA pattern

  • Course 2 Exercise 16: Offline Practice small area performing hind, shoulders, stop and back, leading, circling and figure 8

  • Course 2 Exercise 17: Taxi


Reward Equine Connection Cap

Course 3:
Please note: 1 Horse and Handler to be assessed
Riding with Confidence
(Prerequisite to Riding with Confidence is to have completed course 1)

  • Course 3 Exercise 1:   Polite Bridling

  • Course 3 Exercise 2:   Polite Saddling

  • Course 3 Exercise 3:   Yield your nose on the ground 

  • Course 3 Exercise 4:   Advanced groundwork in the bridle hind, go forward, shoulders, back

  • Course 3 Exercise 5:   Mounting from a block

  • Course 3 Exercise 6:   Yield your nose under saddle

  • Course 3 Exercise 7:   Stop now cue at a walk

  • Course 3 Exercise 8:   Stop now signal at a trot

  • Course 3 Exercise 9:   Stop now signal at a canter

  • Course 3 Exercise 10: Staying on the track, follow the fence

  • Course 3 Exercise 11: Changing direction diagonals

  • Course 3 Exercise 12: Yield hind

  • Course 3 Exercise 13: Yield hind and stop

  • Course 3 Exercise 14: Soften in the bridle at a standstill

  • Course 3 Exercise 15: Stopping on two reins

  • Course 3 Exercise 16: Teaching inside leg 

  • Course 3 Exercise 17: Inside leg transitions

  • Course 3 Exercise 18: Backing yield hind and back

Reward Equine Connection Polo Shirt

Course 4:
Please note: 1 Horse and Handler to be assessed
Advancing your Riding
(Prerequisite to Advanced Riding is courses 1 and 3)

  • Course 4 Exercise 1:   Mounting from a fence

  • Course 4 Exercise 2:   Give to the bridle in motion at the walk

  • Course 4 Exercise 3:   Cross pattern 4 leaf clover

  • Course 4 Exercise 4:   Riding to a point 

  • Course 4 Exercise 5:   Yield hind on wall

  • Course 4 Exercise 6:   Yield hind on wall and side pass 

  • Course 4 Exercise 7:   Give to the bridle in motion at the trot

  • Course 4 Exercise 8:   Circle, hind, and bring shoulders through yield hind and bring shoulders through

  • Course 4 Exercise 9:   Snakey serpentines 

  • Course 4 Exercise 10: Inside leg with softness

  • Course 4 Exercise 11: Give to the bridle and lateral flexion

  • Course 4 Exercise 12: Canter departures

  • Course 4 Exercise 13: Side pass off the wall

  • Course 4 Exercise 14: Leg yielding

  • Course 4 Exercise 15: Teaching the Whoa 

  • Course 4 Exercise 16: Counter bend walk

  • Course 4 Exercise 17: Counter bend trot

  • Course 4 Exercise 18: Giving to the bridle at the canter

  • Course 4 Exercise 19: Putting it all together and riding a pattern

Reward Equine Connection Long Sleeve Shirt


Each September, Mandy sets aside some time in her calendar to invite participants to train with her at her ranch; this is an excellent opportunity to tick off some of your course skills

READ TO BEGIN: Purchase your coaching course and then follow these simple steps


Read the pdf and watch Mandy's video


Practice, and once you feel you are ready to film yourself duplicating the skill

Filming Tips

  • Shoot horizontally. Shooting while holding your phone vertically will lead to black bars on the side of the screen

  • Hold it steady! If you don't have a tripod, try resting your phone on a stable surface while shooting.

  • Check your lighting. The best videos are shot in natural sunlight.


Upload and share your video with Mandy

Sharing Options:

YouTube is the best option:

Public videos and playlists can be seen by and shared with anyone.

You and the users you choose can only see private videos and playlists.

Unlisted videos and playlists can be seen and shared by anyone with the link.


Receive written feedback from Mandy.


You can move on to the next skill and repeat these steps when you pass.



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