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Train With Mandy - Course 1 ONLINE COURSE

Horsemanship Groundwork the Basics (Tasks can be performed on any age horse)

Train With Mandy - Course 1  ONLINE COURSE
Train With Mandy - Course 1  ONLINE COURSE

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Online training and assessment

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Please note: 1 Horse and Handler to be assessed

Mandy considers these groundwork basics the foundation building blocks needed to train a horse for any discipline properly. The better your horse is at the Groundwork exercises, the better he will be under saddle. The importance of groundwork cannot be emphasized enough; the horse will learn coping skills and balance, which sets them up for success in their ridden career. Mandy uses a combination of Positive and Negative reward-based training when teaching her horses. You have the option of teaching your horse Positive reward training along with Mandy, or you can just simply opt-out of the first exercise.

  • Course 1 Exercise 1:  Charge to a Bridging Signal using a marker (Optional)
  • Course 1 Exercise 2:  Polite Haltering the head down cue.
  • Course 1 Exercise 3:  Eyes towards
  • Course 1 Exercise 4:  Backing from a distance
  • Course 1 Exercise 5:  Eyes away
  • Course 1 Exercise 6:  Circle around and eyes towards to stop
  • Course 1 Exercise 7:  Yield your nose
  • Course 1 Exercise 8:  Picking up Feet to a tap
  • Course 1 Exercise 9:  Squeeze game
  • Course 1 Exercise 10: Stick driving
  • Course 1 Exercise 11: Circle and bring shoulders through to change direction
  • Course 1 Exercise 12: Leading beside
  • Course 1 Exercise 13: Circle around walk, trot, and canter
  • Course 1 Exercise 14: Yielding, hind, shoulder, nose to pressure
  • Course 1 Exercise 15: Side Passing
  • Course 1 Exercise 16: Follow me leading behind
  • Course 1 Exercise 17: Easy worming


  • Train With Mandy Course 1

    Horsemanship Groundwork the Basics

    +$6.25 service fee



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