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Horsemanship Clinic

Our Horsemanship clinics are all about building a partnership with your horse, learning how to communicate with them through a series of Groundwork exercises, and learning how to read body language.

Once we have a foundation of Groundwork exercises, the ridden activities come easily, building on our solid foundation.


From time to time, we host a variety of clinics; some of our past clinics include Roping, Ranch Trail, Extreme Trail, Bush Trail, Cow Working;

stay tuned for more great clinics.



The clinic is geared around building safety on the ground and in the saddle.

We teach you how to shut your horse down when you are feeling nervous safely.

Building on the safety exercises, we then work on riding confidently through a series of foundation-ridden exercises.

Groundwork exercises to build a partnership between you and your horse are fundamental learning in this clinic.



Ladies 18 and over, your horse must be able to be safely ridden at a walk.



Your riding tack

Halter and lead (at least 12 feet)

 Dressage whip or training stick


Drinking water

Riding in outside arena - sun cream required

Camping over (yours and your horse's needs)

Mounting block if you own one

Camp chair.


Occasionally horses will not drink when away from home it is a good idea to bring something with you to aid this, e.g. molasses, or red cordial.


Coffee, Tea and Lunches are complimentary for riders.

The auditor's ticket includes meals.


Mandy Probyn Equine Connection will have a Pop-up Shop at the clinic where you can purchase horse equipment and other products;

Credit card facilities are available.


Looking forward to seeing you at one of our clinics


Mandy Probyn

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