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Just Grazin® Custom Nets


It has been more than a decade since we learned of the numerous benefits of using slow feed hay nets. There were three main reasons why we began making slow feed hay nets;

1. Hay waste frustrated us. We had very little pasture back then, so our horses were fed hay 24/7, which was very expensive! Every piece of hay saved from being peed on or blown away = $ saved!

​2. Due to a tendon injury, one of our young horses (Ace) was on stable rest for several weeks, causing him to go stir crazy. Once he was grazing from one of our original slow feed hay nets, his behavior significantly improved.

3. In those days, there were no Australian producers of slow feed hay nets. Having been encouraged by a mentor, we shared this great product with other horse owners who we thought might be experiencing the same problems as us! In response to the positive feedback, we began producing our slow feed hay nets!

Just Grazin® Custom Nets proud to be a small family owned & operated business manufacturing Australian made slow feed hay nets, right here in Central Queensland.

Tracy enjoys her job of producing slow feed hay nets because it allows her to help people and horses. Tracy understands the importance of reducing waste and slowing consumption since she feeds hay every day. In addition to being good for the hip pocket, it is also good for the horses. Horses benefit from slow consumption and more access to hay throughout the day.
As the owner of Just Grazin®, Tracy makes all of the original style hay nets by hand, with support from her husband and parents.

Just Grazin Custom Nets
"Mandy is proud to be a Brand Ambassador for Just Grazin® Custom Nets"
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