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Liberty Clinics

Take the ropes of your horse, and it will reveal your genuine relationship. Does your horse want to stay with you or leave



The morning commences at 9:00 am with a brief chat moving then into charging our horses up to the bridging signal; the foundation of this clinic is positive reinforcement.


Foundation Groundwork exercises are introduced, establishing just where we are with our horses and a starting point.


Leading Exercises, controlling the hind and shoulders, the backing is all established on the line and then with a neck rope.


We have a play with a few obstacles building our horse's confidence in us and teach our horses a simple trick.


For those interested, we will discuss how to use positive reinforcement under the saddle.


On the final afternoon, we have an opportunity to work one-on-one with Mandy removing our lead ropes and practising advanced leading.



The clinic is suitable for all ages and abilities; children can attend if accompanied by an adult who can provide hands-on help.

Young horses, minis, all are welcome.


All Clinic application forms must be completed online at least a couple of days before attending the clinic.



Your riding tack, halter and lead at least 12 feet, dressage whip or training stick, flag, drinking water, riding in outside arena - sun cream required, camping over yours and your horse's needs, mounting block if you own one, camp chair, your horse's favourite treats.


We will be charging our horses to a bridging signal; you are going to use heaps of treats; suggestions are to bring some of your horse's regular feed or purchase a bag of low-calorie horse cubes, not pellets as these are too small, Prydes and Mitavite make a large cube size horse feed.


Occasionally horses will not drink when away from home it is a good idea to bring something with you to aid this, e.g. molasses, red cordial. 


Tea, Coffe and Lunch are complimentary for riders.

Auditors ticket includes meals.


Mandy Probyn Equine Connection will have a Pop-up Shop at the clinic where you can purchase horse equipment and other products; Credit card facilities are available.


Looking forward to seeing you at one of our clinics

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