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Marouka Gypsy Cobs


Boutique Gypsy Cob Stud. We are in the process of importing a variety of Gypsy Cobs which will add to Australia's gene pool in terms of colour and height. These horses have been specifically chosen for tradition breed temperament and quality. They also compliment our existing herd of 5 mares and 1 stallion.

- Breed for specific needs

As part of our breeding program, we wish to target specific characteristics of the breed.

Temperament - our horses will be challenged to be superb and unquestionable around children who are handicapped or have special needs. As part of our stud, we invite members of the public and private sectors to view our program and to integrate specific needs of clients into our program.

Marouka Noir Ori.jpeg

- Breeding for public sale

Anyone wishing to purchase one of our horses, either a weanling or from time to time we may have older horses for sale, there will be contract prior to breeding. This allows Marouka Gypsy Cobs to breed for a market of specific size, colour and ability. We will showcase our horses to the degree of their specific abilities. The purchaser is invited to our property to view our horses in their environment and to get a feel for where they come from. We encourage unlimited visits to our property from prospective purchaser as their foal grows and learns and  they will be encouraged to emulate the skills they learn on our property into their own life. Our holistic approach to living includes every member of our animal family and the value of everything living. We appreciate the value of the alternate healing properties of herbs and essences & sustainable systems of clean reticulated water. There are wild herbs, fruit and vegetables grown on the property. Our horses are part of that intricate system and appreciated for the role they play as an energy balancer.

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