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EquiFeast’s BREAK FREE Elite™ is a highly comprehensive supplement combining chelated calcium from BREAK FREE™, a complete balancer package from Essential Daily Care with added joint and mobility support from our tried and tested WINNINGEDGE technology.

***Our long term Special Offer gives you the Joint and Mobility support free. You just pay for the BREAK FREE plus Essential Daily Care***

BREAK FREE Elite™  is designed to help horses cope with the consumption of tropical pastures. The BREAK FREE component is supported by extensive (non-scientific) Australian trials. 



There is a one to three month loading period (5 days a week) using the loading quantities. After the loading period, drop down to the maintenance rate, (still feeding the supplement 5 days a week). See below for the most economical way to load.



There is no need to load the joint components of BREAK FREE Elite™ - just the chelated calcium needs loading. So an option is to buy the BREAK FREE™ formulation and feed that at the maintenance rate alongside feeding BREAK FREE Elite™ at the maintenance rate.

These combined will load the horse on the chelated calcium. A 2 kg bag of BREAK FREE™ will last a single stock horse for about 2 months at that rate.


For more information on any of the EquiFeast Products visit their website:

EquiFeast Australia - Horse supplements & calmers (




  • Mandy Probyn Equine Connection will accept for return or exchange items that are unworn, unaltered and free of damages by the customer. For a full refund or exchange mail out your item within 21 days from the receipt of original order. Items cannot be returned or exchanged after 21 days from receipt of original order. Items must be returned in their original packaging.  If you have received your item and it is damaged/faulty please us contact us for a full refund. 

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