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Relax Super Fibre Plus is an outstanding source of highly digestible fibre, providing your horse with cool and sustainable energy.


Made from 100% Australian grown Lupins using the outer hull, it is an outstanding source of highly digestible fibre, highly palatable and is suitable for all horses, big and small.

With less than 1% starch and a NSC (Non Structural Carbohydrates) of 5.3%, it is safe to be fed to your laminitis and EMS prone horse or pony.

The natural pectins provide prebiotic functions, increasing the hindgut activity and maximising digestion.

This truly is the perfect base for any feed regime.

Typical Ingredients 

Lupin Hulls, Traces of Lupin Kernel. 

Feeding Instructions

We recommend soaking Relax Super Fibre Plus for horses that suffer from choke.

Soak for up to 10 minutes in a ratio of 1 part Super Fibre Plus to 2 parts of water.

Product available at our clinics or contact us to place an order

Relax Super Fibre Plus

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