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Mandy & Steve Probyn


Mandy was born in Manchester, England, in 1967; the family migrated to Australia in 1970.


In the Great Southern Land of Australia, a simple pony ride at a local fair; ignited Mandy's passion for horses; however, it wasn't until many years later that Mandy acquired her first horse.

The family moved to a 10acre property in Hervey Bay, Queensland and this is where the dream of owning a horse came to fruition along with other farm animals and her Step Grandmothers donkey Pepper.

A few years later, the family left the hobby farm and moved into the town of Maryborough; not long afterwards, Mandy met Steve, and they were married in 1986.

They purchased their first home, a little house in the town of Maryborough, with the dream to one-day own property.
Years passed properties were purchased and sold with the final big move to Eungella Qld in 2003.

Mandy Probyn Equine Connection

"As I get older I find myself caring more about how relaxed my horse is when working with me than so called respect.


If your horse is comfortable around and working with you then the respect that so many people seek comes easy.


Horses naturally follow a good leader, one that is fair, builds their confidence, looks after their body and trains with empathy.


Once relaxation is achieved the real training can begin".

Mandy Probyn


"Connecting People to Horses"

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Mandy and Steve put so much into every event that they organise.  Keeping everyone safe and building confidence.  The cowgirl retreat is an awesome event designed to pressure us and our horses in many different ways.  Always my annual personal holiday.

Mandy Probyn Equine Connection
Mandy Probyn Equine Connection
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